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State Library Victoria

The State Library Victoria is a landmark and cultural icon in Melbourne, Australia. Established in 1854, it holds the title of being the oldest public library in Australia and also one of the first free libraries in the world.

The library boasts a rich history and a collection that reflects Victoria's development over the past 150 years. Here are some interesting things to know about the State Library Victoria:


Architectural Beauty

The library building itself is a magnificent 19th-century structure with stunning interiors, particularly the La Trobe Reading Room with its grand octagonal dome.


Vast Collection

The library houses a massive collection exceeding two million books, numerous historical pictures, newspapers, maps, manuscripts and even audio-visual materials.


Accessibility and Events

The library is open to the public and offers free guided tours. They also frequently host events and exhibitions in their galleries, making it a vibrant space for the community.

If you're ever in Melbourne and have an interest in history, literature, or just beautiful architecture, the State Library Victoria is definitely worth a visit.


Photo Credit: Visit Victoria

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